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 HOUSE OF VARSHA BEAUTY THERAPY *NEW CLIENTS 10% OFF* 07985 217277 85 Sprignall, South Bretton PETERBOROUGH PE3 9YG     85 Sprignall, South Bretton, Peterborough, Cambs.  PE3 9YG 

MY WAX REDUCES HAIR GROWTH - you have to see it to believe it! For best results I recommend the first 4 treatments be done 4-6 weeks apart.  Anything less than 4 weeks hair will grow back quicker, may not come out or snap off.  I can not remove stubble.  Anything more than 6 weeks you will not see a difference.  All my waxing is with strip wax.  PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT DO HOT WAX OR DO THREADING.

WAXING PRICE LIST - ALL prices are 'from' depends on size of area and amount of hair.





FOR WOMEN ONLY.  Please note: there is an extra charge if you require the removal of excess hair from thighs, back/front legs, stomach or buttocks during any bikini waxing.  


HOLLYWOOD:  everything off including inside lip & inside of bottom from £25 (30 mins)


BRAZILIAN: everything off including inside lip with a line/triangle, including inside of bottom from £25 (30 mins)


HIGH BIKINI/HALF BRAZILIAN:  higher than a normal bikini but NOT inside lip area or inside/outside bottom from £20 (15 mins)


NORMAL BIKINI LINE:  from £13 (15 mins)


FACE & BODY WAXING - ALL prices are 'from' depends on size of area & amount of hair.

  • Forehead from £6
  • Eye brow tidy up from £10
  • Eye Brow Reshape from £12
  • Sides of Face from £7
  • Upper Lip from £5
  • Chin from £6
  • Neck (back or front) from £7
  • Underarms from £9
  • Full Arms not including hands/underarms from £22,
  • Full Arms + Hands not including underarms from £25
  • 1/2 Upper Arms from £12 not including Underams or hands
  • 1/2 Lower Arms from £10 not including Underarms or hands
  • Chest from £10
  • Stomach from £10
  • Snail Trail from £3
  • 1/2 Lower Legs + Feet from £15
  • 1/2 Upper Legs + Feet from £17
  • 1/2 Legs + Normal Bikini Line + Feet from £24
  • 3/4 Legs + Feet from £25
  • Full Legs + Feet from £27
  • Full Legs + Normal Bikini Line from £35
  • Feet or toes/Hands or Fingers from £3
  • Bottom from £5
  • Shoulders from £7
  • Upper or Lower Back from £10
  • Upper or Lower Chest from £10


Waxing must only be done 24hrs BEFORE/AFTER tanning/beds, swimming, exercise, saunas, hot bath. If you have used tanning creams it may take tan off and due to product on skin hair may not come out. Please ensure you leave at least 4 weeks from bleaching, hair removal creams, hydrocortisone, skin lightening creams, acid & vitamin A based products/treatments.  Failure to do this there is a danger of skin tearing, blistering and scarring.

ALL WAX PRICES ARE 'FROM', depends on size of area and amount of hair. Hair reduction after 1st session. Increased reduction if waxing is done every 4-6 weeks apart for 1st 4 sessions. Hair MUST be at least 4 weeks long if you have been shaving, using hair removal creams, threading, tweezing or waxing.

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