HOUSE OF VARSHA BEAUTY THERAPY 85 Sprignall South Bretton PETERBOROUGH PE3 9YG By Appointment Only: 07985 217277 or Contact Form Email: Open: Mon & Wed 12noon - 8pm; Tues & Thurs 11am - 7pm & Fri 10am - 6pm
 HOUSE OF VARSHA BEAUTY THERAPY 85 Sprignall South Bretton PETERBOROUGH PE3 9YG    By Appointment Only:  07985 217277 or Contact Form  Email: Open:  Mon & Wed 12noon - 8pm; Tues & Thurs 11am - 7pm & Fri 10am - 6pm  



  • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  No walk-ins.
  • If you would like an Appointment, you must get back to me with your FULL name, exactly what you would like done, along with dates/approximate times you can get to me.  A 50% Deposit via bank transfer maybe required to secure the Appointment.  
  • COVID-19 HEALTH CHECK LIST: Please ensure you check for all symptoms of Covid-19 prior to booking and prior to arrival at Salon.  I will aslo check for symptom on arrival and during course of treatment.  I will cancel your appointment if you have a temperature/cough or any other Covid-19 symptoms and you will be charged in full for my time/treatments booked.  I totally understand that we are still at risk of Covid-19 and anything unforseen related/unrelated to Covid-19 can happen, but I have a business to run and without 24 Hours Notice all appointments are strictly fully chargeable.  If in doubt you can try requesting an appointment on the day but this is also fully chargeable and a 50% Deposit in advance may be required.
  • MY RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU:  I will wear a face mask, face shield and gloves for all treatments.  Beauty couch and anything that has been touched/used will be washed/wiped down with soap and water/Barbicide before/after every Client.  Floors will be disinfected regularly.  Toilet, sink, taps, door handles etc will be disinfected after every Client.
  • MANDATORY FACE MASK:  It is mandatory for all Clients to wear a face mask on arrival at my door and for the full duration of your time on the premises.  I will NOT accept a scarf or a bandana as an acceptable form of face mask.  If you arrive without the required face mask you can purchase a mask from me for £1.  If your are exempt you MUST weara visor - which you must bring with you.  If you do not have required face mask and you do not wish to purchase one from me, I will cancel your appointment and you will be charged in full for my time and treatments booked.  If you have asthma or a breathing problem or feel claustraphobic, please do not book an appointment as the mask/visor is mandatory.
  • ONLY THE CLIENT IS ALLOWED ONTO PREMISES:  No children, babies or a companion/friend/relative allowed onto premisis.  Failure to do so I will cancel your appointment and you will be charged in full for my time and treatments booked.
  • ARRIVAL & DEPATURE:  Upon arrival at my front door your temperature will bee checked and you will be given hand sanitiser.    
  • FOOD & DRINK:  No food allowed onto premisis.  You may bring your own bottle of water which can be discarded in bins outside.  I will not be able to offer you wate
  • YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AFTER APPOINTMENT: I advis that you do not touch your face unless you have washed your hands with soap and water.  As soon as you get home you do not touch anyone/anything and you have a soapy shower/bath from head to toe and put on fresh clothes and wipe down everything you have touched.  
  • INFORMATION NEEDED TO DEAL WITH YOUR REQUEST: I will get back to you during my Opening Times as long as you provide the following information:
    • Your full name and mobile number 
    • Specific dates and specific times you can get to Salon
    • You need to state exactly what you want doing as it appears on my Price List.
      • Monday 12noon to 8pm
      • Tuesday 11am - 7pm
      • Wednesday 12noon to 8pm
      • Thursday 11am to 7pm
      • Friday 10am to 6pm
      • Closed every Bank Holiday
      • Closed Saturdays and Sundays
      • Out of hours appointments are charged at double price and payable in full in advance. 
  • REASONS WHY I HAVE NOT REPLIED TO YOU: Please see above paragraph.  You have not provided information required to deal with your request.
  • 50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO SECURE APPOINTMENT:  All New Clients will be required to pay 50% Deposit in advance by a specific date/time via cash, Bank Transfer or PAYM.  Existing Clients may also be required to pay a 50% Deposit in advance by a specific date/time via cash, Bank Transfer or PAYM.  If I have requested you to pay a 50% Deposit by a specific date/time, it is your responsbility to ensure money is in my account by that time.  Failure to do so, it will be assumed you do not want the appointment & you will not receive an Appointment Confirmation. I will not chase up deposits.  I will accept Bank Transfer Deposits on your behalf from your nominated person.  To nominate someone you must let me know their full name.   Final payment then has to be settled by cash or bank transfer before leaving Salon. NO card transactions.
  • 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: I have a strict 24 Hours Cancellation Policy.  This means that ALL changes, cancellations, resheduling, rebooking, postponing for any reason whatsoever require 24 Hours Notice or fully chargeable.  Notice does NOT include Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays when I am closed.   Whilst you are at the Salon you can request to add more treatments to your appointment  On the day of your appointment you can not ask for any treatments to be cancelled or shortened.  Deposits are fully refundable as long as 24 Hours Notice is given via text/whatsapp only as proof.  Voicemail cancellations will not be accepted as proof. Your Deposit will be refunded in the same manner as it was paid.  It is your responsibility to ensure text/whatsapp messages requesting cancellation/changes of any sort are sent, so please check your sent messages.   
  • PAYMENT METHOD:  NO CARD TRANSACTIONS.  Cash is still legal tender so you can pay by cash, Bank Transfer or PAYM for all Deposits and final payment.  Bank Transfer details must be requested in advance.  For Bank Transfer payments or payments via PAYM you must also have your own internet data and charging cable/plug to ensure you can complete full and final payment on the day. If paying by cash please ensure you have the cash or give yourself enough time prior to appointment to find a working cash machine as all payments must be settled in full before you leave the Salon.  
  • APPOINTMENT TIME:  All appointments are timed so please arrive 5mins early.  I will let you in as close to your booked time as possible, but due to extra time needed to sanitise you may need to wait a few minutes until I call you in.  If you are using public transport, taxi or lift you will need to wait outside until I call you in and on completion you will need to wait outside.  No one is allowed to wait inside.  It is better to arrive early and wait outside.   
  • PRICE LIST: Is subject to change without prior notice.  Please check website for up to date pricees.  All appointments are timed.  If you are late for your appointment for any reason, you will not be entitled to any offers/discounts for that appointment & you will be charged in full for the time slot & treatments allocated to you regardless of whether treatment is completed or not. There is an extra charge of £10 per upto every 15mins to extend your time slot if I can, or double price if appointment goes outside of hours.  It is not fair on the next client to be waiting or if the next Client cancels me because you are late and they are unable to wait.
  • VOUCHERS: Non transferable. Valid for 1 month (negotiable in advance).  Offers/Discounts are not valid for Gift Vouchers or Laser treatments.
  • OUT OF HOURS SURCHARGE: Please note it is Double Price for an out of hours appointment.  Out or hours Appointments do NOT qualify for any Discounts/Offers and must be paid in full in advance.
  • LASER TREATMENTS:  Must be paid in full in advance.  A Laser Patch Test/Consultation is mandatory £20
  • TINT PATCH TEST:  A free Tint Patch Test is mandatory for Eye Brow/Lash Tint.  The Patch Test must be done at least 24 hours in advance.
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