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 HOUSE OF VARSHA BEAUTY THERAPY 85 Sprignall South Bretton PETERBOROUGH PE3 9YG    By Appointment Only:  07985 217277 or Contact Form  Email: Open:  Mon & Wed 12noon - 8pm; Tues & Thurs 11am - 7pm & Fri 10am - 6pm  




My wax really does reduce hair growth.  Minimum 4 weeks hair growth required or hair will snapoff.  5-6 weeks hair growth required after shaving, cream hair removal or epilady.  For best results I recommend the first 4 treatments be done 4-6 weeks apart.  Anything less than 4 weeks hair will grow back quicker, may not come out or snap off.  I can not remove stubble.    Anything more than 6 weeks you will not see a difference.  All my waxing is with strip wax.  I do not use hot wax and I do not offer threading.  All prices are 'from'.  Price depends on size of area and amount of hair.


Waxing only to be done 24hrs BEFORE/AFTER tanning/beds, swimming, exercise, saunas, hot bath. If you have used tanning creams it may take tan off and due to product on skin hair may not come out. Please ensure you leave at least 4 weeks from bleaching, hair removal creams, hydrocortisone, skin lightening creams, acid & vitamin A based products/treatments.  Failure to do this there is a danger of skin tearing, blistering and scarring




FOR WOMEN ONLY.  Please note: there is an extra charge if you require the removal of excess hair from thighs, back/front of legs, stomach or buttocks during any bikini waxing.  

HOLLYWOOD:  everything off including inside lip & inside of bottom from £28 (30 mins)

BRAZILIAN: everything off including inside lip with a line/triangle, including inside of bottom from £28 (30 mins)

HIGH BIKINI/HALF BRAZILIAN:  higher than a normal bikini but NOT inside lip area or inside/outside bottom from £20 (15 mins)

NORMAL BIKINI LINE:  from £12 (15 mins)


FACE & BODY WAXING - ALL prices are 'from'.  Price depends on size of area & amount of hair.


  • Full Body Wax ie Full legs, full arms, hollywood/brazilian, underarms, full back, full chest including breasts, full stomach, full bottom, eyebrows & top lip from £100 (no offers/discounts)
  • Full Face Wax from £25 ie forehead; brows; sides; top lip  & chin.
  • Forehead from £5 
  • Eye brows from £10
  • Sides of Face from £7
  • Upper Lip from £4
  • Chin from £6 
  • Neck (back or front) from £7
  • Underarms from £9
  • Full Breasts from £15
  • Shoulders from £7
  • Full Arms including hands, not underarms from £22
  • 1/2 Upper Arms including shoulders from £12 
  • 1/2 Lower Arms including hands from £10
  • Full Back including neck, not shoulders from £25
  • Upper Back or upper chest not including Neck/shoulders from £15
  • Lower Back from £12
  • Stomach from £12
  • Full Chest including breasts, stomach & neck from £25
  • Snail Trail from £5
  • Full outer bottom wax not inside bottom from £15
  • 1/2 Lower Legs including knees & feet from £15
  • 1/2 Upper Legs not including knees from £17
  • 1/2 Lower Legs + Normal Bikini Line from £22
  • 1/2 Upper Legs + Normal Bikini Line from £25
  • 3/4 Legs ie Lower Legs & upto mid thigh from £25
  • Full Legs including feet from £27
  • Full Legs + Normal Bikini Line from £35
  • Feet or toes/Hands or Fingers from £5
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